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Ms. Viola Shinn

  Viola Shinn
My name is Viola Shinn. I'm 64 years old and had worn dentures since I was 21. I grew up on a rural farm and, being from a large family, we received no dental care. When I did see a dentist, my teeth would only crumble. The only practical treatment was extracting my teeth and having dentures made.
I went to the same dentist for many years and all that time I complied with his request to replace my dentures every four years. With time I lost my ridge and gums and the clinic refused to make me new dentures. I was forced to look for alternatives.
After seeing several dentists, most of whom gave me a book to read, took x-rays, and told me to call back when I decided what to do, a good friend suggested I call Dr. Edward Mills, who had been her dentist for 15 years and had done her permanent implants. See Dr. Mills was the best thing I've ever done for myself!
From the time I walked into his office, I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Mills wanted everything to be perfect!
Finally, the big day came, and I went into Dr. Mills' office to reconstruct my mouth with dental implants. After I went home, Dr. Mills called twice to check on me and left his home number for me to call if I needed anything.
In ten days the bandages came off and the stitches came out. Everyone told me how good I looked! It was great having my husband tell me how good I looked and waiting on me. Lots of T.V. and naps when I wanted them!
When I went back to my Garden Club meetings, one woman asked if I'd had a face lift and, when I explained about my dental surgery, I don't think she believed me. I had lots of wonderful compliments from "you look different" to "you look so rested." People couldn't believe the difference they saw in me was my new teeth. Friends just couldn't believe how good I looked. The best compliment was when my younger sisters and I went to a friend's house for dinner, and the friend told me later I looked ten years younger than my sisters! Now I believe I do.
And I believe it now when people say how good I look. One lady told me what a great smile I have and that I should model for toothpaste! I cannot say thanks enough to Dr. Mills and his wonderful staff! All I do now is smile, smile, smile!
Viola Shinn