Ms. Louise Robinson Ms. Mary Ellen Sechler

I cannot possibly tell you how much Dr. Trizzino has done for me. Yes, he is a dentist but he is also a wonderful person. I had been in a terrible auto accident that crippled my family. In the beginning, I prayed for a way to get help with my teeth. I had no money, and the pain was excruciating. Then I met Dr. Trizzino.

That was about ten years ago.

On this particular day, my two sons were seeing a pediatric dentist for routine cleanings while I waited for them in a common-area shared by several dentists. Word got to Dr. Trizzino that a mom in the waiting room was in serious pain. Somehow, I ended up in Dr. T's chair; and, somehow my financial situation didn't even matter to him.

Dr. Trizzino said then and there that he was going to give me something to smile about that could last a very long time -- that is, if I would just show up for my appointments on time and follow his hygiene regimen.

That was Day 1 of a very long journey of oral reconstruction.

Dr. Trizzino was gentle and kind to this ole coward, and soon made a very special place in my heart.

Dr. T took it upon himself to put my mouth back together. I know there were people more deserving of his generosity than I was. And a day doesn't go by that I don't thank God for sending me my angel in a lab coat who wears those funny magnification glasses -- "Dr. T" is what I call him.

-- Mary Ellen Sechler

Nancy Dillard