Ms. Louise Robinson Ms. Louise Robinson

I met Dr. Trizzino many years ago at my then current dentist’s office. My dentist moved [and] Dr. Trizzino was already in that practice and saw me for my next checkup.

I was driving quite a distance for excellent service. At this point, I realized I had a decision to make: find a dentist closer to home, or continue the drive with a new dentist.

Well, Dr. Trizzino seemed to take exceptional interest in my dental health, and I liked his frankness. He would eventually tell me that periodontal work was necessary. Ouch! He referred me to a competent periodontist and, eventually, we were on the way. This ultimately led to cosmetic surgery that I had never considered but am happy that I did.

Growing up in the 1950’s, my family did not practice the dental hygiene that is so common today. In fact, until I was in my teens, we kids went to the dentist for one reason: to take care of the immense pain we were experiencing. Going for a checkup was out of the question.

At some point I became responsible for my own health matters and today I faithfully book those twice a year appointments just to make sure everything is fine. Admittedly it helps when the visit is also enjoyable. (What’s the word for “enjoyable” when describing a dental exam?)

Now back to that cosmetic surgery! I smile a lot. I also have teeny teeth for an adult, revealing a lot of gum with each smile. It was also apparent I had crowns from several dentists over a long period of time. Dr. Trizzino recommended a crown lengthening procedure with new crowns.

I now have a beautiful, natural smile. Seeing larger, more uniform teeth is gratifying. The procedure sounded frightening and painful. Actually, it was neither. It was well worth the extra time, effort and expense since gum surgery was already necessary.
Dr. Trizzino is a perfectionist, and he admits it! He is dedicated to helping patients achieve their best, healthy smile through education, knowledge and expertise. He aligns himself with external specialists to ensure the best results. He also has quite an impressive staff. They are all professional, courteous and have his same sense of pride in their work.

If you are reading this, you are likely searching for a great dentist. You owe it to yourself to visit Dr. Trizzino.

Nancy Dillard